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ID: Boomer
Health 70
Armor 3
Damage 45
Offensive Armor Type Heavy
Defensive Armor Type Balanced
Attack Range 1-2
Movement Range 3
Deploy Cost 5 War Funds

Boomer[edit | edit source]

There are boomers, and then there are BOOMers. These are the kind that swapped taped-up eyeglasses for night vision goggles, and No. 2 pencils for rocket launchers. You really don't want to make fun of them.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Boomer can move and attack from range in the same turn - use this to your advantage to fire past your enemy's defenses!
  • Boomers are powerful but have the highest infantry funds cost and are vulnerable to the cheapest - beware of Soldiers!
  • Boomers are great at taking out high defense units like the Heavy and Tank - use them to break down the enemy's frontline!

Boomer Skins[edit | edit source]

Military Boomer

I don't think I can state enough how much he likes to make things go "BOOM".

Dino Boomer

Dino infantry with a rocket launcher.

"Dino infantry with a rocket launcher." marketing rejected the request for an expanded product description as nothing more needs to be said.