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ID: Chuck
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SENSO ABILITY: Unload allied units from a great distance with a mighty throw.
Health 600
Armor 5
Damage 75
Offensive Armor Type Agile
Defensive Armor Type Heavy
Attack Range 3
Movement Range 6
Deploy Cost FREE
Orbital Strike Charge 75%

Chuck[edit | edit source]

Chuck is not sexy. It doesn't stand up on stage at the shareholders' meeting flashing its radiant grin while it extols the virtues of the newest groundbreaking unit prototype. All Chuck cares about is getting that new unit onto the battlefield in the right spot at the right moment as quickly as possible so that we get the results we need, the profits we want, the market share we deserve. When the competition looks over their shoulders to find our employees all up in their assets and the tide of the hostile negotiations turning, it's because Chuck put them there. It's not sexy. It's better than that.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Need to get your units somewhere, fast? Use Chuck to extend the movement of your units and move them past obstacles such as enemy units and mountains!
  • Make sure to plan at least one move ahead - you can't use a unit you load into Chuck on the same turn.
  • Chuck can store multiple units but can only deploy one per turn - make the first unit you unload really count!

Chuck Skins[edit | edit source]

Mechanized Chuck

[CLASSIFIED: More info coming soon!]