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In Super Senso we have two types of currency you'll acquire to purchase Units and Sensos, as well as upgrades and skins.

Bytecoins[edit | edit source]

This is your main currency you'll be using to upgrade and purchase units! It's acquired from Daily Rewards, Quests, Matches, and is purchasable from the store!

Sensonium[edit | edit source]

Premium currency, that is a hot commodity, will be used to purchase some extra skins for units etc. It will be awarded by Daily Rewards, Achievements and placing highly on the Leaderboards! It is also purchasable from the store!

War Funds[edit | edit source]

No one works for free, fool! Units cost money, or in this case War Funds. War Funds are gained at the start of each turn, but can also be found in rocks on the battlefield, and are dropped by defeated units. Make sure to collect any War Funds on the map - any player can collect them, so move your units to tiles occupied by War Funds to collect them before your opponent!