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ID: Drake
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SENSO ABILITY: Unleash huge area of effect that deals damage over time to enemy units.
Health 475
Armor 10
Damage 50
Offensive Armor Type Agile
Defensive Armor Type Balanced
Attack Range 1 - 3
Movement Range 4
Area Of Effect Attack TRUE
Deploy Cost FREE
Orbital Strike Charge 75%
Can move and act FALSE

Drake Senso[edit | edit source]

Long ago, there was this thing called "cyber-terrorism" that was going to lead to the inevitable downfall of civilization, mass hysteria, cats and dogs regurgitating tired jokes about cats and dogs. But the glaciers got there first. The idea of corrupting your competitors' infrastructure from the inside survived the ice. It now lives on in the form of mass-distributed attacks. That's why you want the Drake Senso on your side. Its wide area of effect gives the opposition nowhere to hide, wearing them down as unceasingly and inevitably as the ice that ended the old world. But mostly because starting huge fires from far away is super fun.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Drake has a large area of effect but low initial damage - use him against groups of low health infantry units!
  • Set it and forget it! If an enemy is set to die on his next turn from Drake's DoT attack, set your sights on new targets.
  • Drake cannot move and attack - make sure to keep it surrounded with defensive units so you don't need to run away and risk not attacking!

Drake Skins[edit | edit source]

Mechanized Drake

[CLASSIFIED: More info coming soon!]