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ID: Firestar
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SENSO ABILITY: Unleash a damage over time attack to units from a distance
Health 400
Armor 10
Damage 80
Offensive Armor Type Agile
Defensive Armor Type Agile
Attack Range 3 - 5
Movement Range 5
Deploy Cost FREE
Orbital Strike Charge 75%

Firestar[edit | edit source]

Some companies prefer to keep to their operations quiet, waiting for the newest emerging market to reveal themselves so they can be ready to pounce. These lurkers are like Firestar. The cousin of our dear associate, Sniper, the giant hunk of metal makes it clear there's no nepotism here. Firestar fires a devastating Damage Over Time attack that blasts targets from a distance and turns competitors into clouds of ash. Ash that gently floats back down to the ground through rays of golden sunlight. It's so beautiful. 

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Firestar can burn enemies over time. If you can keep some distance, units that have just a tad too much health can fall beneath you.
  • Firestar can move and attack. Don't be afraid to move out of harm's way and make a hit on a smaller unit.
  • Firestar, like most SENSOs, have a weakness to Tanks but can do major damage to them. Keep them just out of distance of Factories and you can pick them off and watch the Orbital Strike charge up.

Firestar Skins[edit | edit source]

Mechanized Firestar

The default Firestar skin.