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ID: Mortar
Health 120
Armor 6
Damage 40
Deploy Cost 9
Can move and act false

Mortar[edit | edit source]

The Archives department found a snippet of a pre-ice sound recording that features a guy singing a song with the phrase "rockets red glare." Cool. No idea what the song was about, but let's have the Design boys stick that phrase on every mortar shell.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Mortar has low movement and can't move and attack in the same turn - make sure you position it properly and surround it with defensive units!
  • The Mortar's AoE attack makes it great for taking out clusters of low health enemies such as Soldiers or Snipers!
  • Beware, the Mortar is a high value target and has low mobility and defenses - keep it secret, keep it safe!

Mortar Skins[edit | edit source]

Military Mortar

Sit back and get a quad feed. QUAAAAAAAD!

Dino Mortar

Dino ranged artillery with area damage bomb launcher. Cannot move and attack on the same turn.

Not all dinosaurs are the running and biting type. Some like to sit back and launch artillery from a comfortable spot.