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ID: Rhino
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SENSO ABILITY: Damage and push back enemy units.
Health 500
Armor 5
Damage 125
Offensive Armor Type Balanced
Defensive Armor Type Heavy
Attack Range 1
Movement Range 5
Deploy Cost FREE
Orbital Strike Charge 75%

Rhino[edit | edit source]

There's an old business axiom: "Always play the zero-sum game." The only thing better than making a profit is making a profit in a way that prevents your competition from doing the same. A still more nuanced way to phrase it would be: aim for the balls. Sure, a good gut-punch is effective, but it takes longer to recover from significant groin injuries. You haven't just damaged your opponent; you've damaged their ability to damage you back. That's the design philosophy behind the Rhino. Every time it attacks it prevents the opposition from counterattacking.

Come to think of it, let's get the Marketing Dept. to work this new tagline into the product catalog. "Rhino: Aim for the Balls." And cc: Legal.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Rhino is great for repositioning enemies - protect your team by moving enemies out of attack range, or even put them in the sights your own ranged units!
  • Rhino can't push enemies into tiles that they can't normally sit on, or are already occupied - be sure to maximize his attacks when picking your targets!
  • Rhino used his ability against Revenge's super effective! Rhino can prevent Paladin from counterattacking and dealing bonus damage!

Rhino Skins[edit | edit source]

Mechanized Rhino

[CLASSIFIED: More info coming soon!]