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ID: Tank
Health 150
Armor 7
Damage 40
Deploy Cost 10
Can move and act true

Tank[edit | edit source]

A good product does one thing very well. A superior product does multiple things very well. The Tank moves as well as it destroys.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Tanks make a great frontline for defending your other units due to their high health and armor.
  • Know your limits - Tanks can take a beating but if you extend too far, it's hard to retreat due to their low movement ability.
  • If you like to play it safe, stick with Tanks - they are fairly efficient and difficult to destroy, preventing the enemy from easily scoring.

Tank Skins[edit | edit source]

Military Tank

Your standard issue Tank. Just 'cause it's standard issue doesn't mean it won't hurt.

Dino Tank

Dino heavily armored cannon vehicle.

Retro-fitting the interiors to fit dinosaurs cost even more, but if you're still questioning this corporation's commitment to dino-friendly manufacturing, this might not be the workplace for you.

Medieval Tank

Medieval heavily armored cannon vehicle.

There's nothing archaic about this monster.