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General/Meta Tips[edit | edit source]

• Want to hone your skills before taking on a live opponent? Skirmish and Custom Matches against AI are great places to practice.Get paid! Completing PvP matches is the best way to earn Bitcoins.

• Test your mettle and try out new Sensos in the skirmish arena!

• Make sure to take your turn! Get currency rewards for every time you complete a turn.

Gameplay Tips[edit | edit source]

Check out how to dominate during your matches.
• Destroy enemy buildings to gain a big point boost and cripple their unit production at the same time.

• Don't feel the need to spend all of your loot each turn. Surprise your opponents with last-second reinforcements!

• Tap an enemy unit to see which tiles they can attack next turn. Stay out of the red if you don't wanna be dead!

• Don't be too eager to initiate a hostile takeover! Secure your lead, or risk defeat!

• Don't give up! The points can quickly swing in your favor with a well orchestrated counterattack.

• Sometimes patience is key. Let them approach, then blow them away!

• Baiting an opponent to attack a lowly unit is a good strategy to lure them into harm's way.

Lore/Backstory Tips[edit | edit source]

Know your roots.
• Market dominance and contract negotiations are now settled on the battlefield!

• Purchase Sensonium to buy new unit and senso skins!

• Purchase Bytecoins to upgrade your units faster!

Unit Tips[edit | edit source]

Make the most of your units!
• Area of Effect attacks won't hurt your own units. Fire away!

• Air units are not affected by terrain types. They travel the same distance across all tiles.

• Use ranged units first before following up with a melee attack for kills without the counter!

Senso Tips[edit | edit source]

Dominate the battlefield with your Senso!
• Make sure to pick the right Senso for your play style. It's not called Super Senso for nothing!

• Use the Knockback SENSO to avoid the powerful counterattack of the Revenge SENSO!

• Be sure to surround your Charge SENSO with defensive units - it’s vulnerable at close range!

• Need to get your units somewhere, fast? Use the Longdeploy SENSO to extend the movement of your units and move them past obstacles such as enemy units and mountains!