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Super Senso - Patch Notes - 1.10.0 - Gel Galore 'n More!

Gameplay Systems

  • Gel Drops 
    • When a unit or building is destroyed, it’ll drop a piece of Gel onto the tile. Either player can pick up the Gel and use it to deploy more units. This mechanic will guide newer players towards better moves, while it affords experienced players even more opportunities to optimize and show their skill! Detailed rules follow:
      • When a unit or building is destroyed, it’ll drop Gel onto the tile.
      • Basic units drop 1 Gel, while SENSOs and Extractors drop 3 Gel
      • Moving, displacing, or deploying a unit onto a Gel Drop will pick it up.
      • Gel Drops last indefinitely until they are picked up.
      • Both players can pick up Gel Drops, regardless of whose unit dropped it.
  • Gel per turn decreased from 8 to 7.  Since there’s going to be more Gel overall, we’re reducing the amount you get by default.
  • Cards may only be used once per turn.  By limiting card use to once per turn, we’re hoping that it forces players to think more strategically about how they construct their deck. Rather than just using the same strong unit over and over, players will need to discover synergistic combinations between different cards. While not all old strategies will carry over under this new system, we’re excited to see how players adapt.
  • Adjusted transport mechanics. Transport units (Shuttle, Abductor, Chuck) may now pick up aircraft, but may no longer pick up other transports.
  • Non-Entrenched ranged units can no longer attack adjacent tiles. In order to simplify counter-attack rules and increase the efficacy of good moves, non-Entrenched ranged units are no longer able to attack adjacent tiles. This means that attacking a ranged unit with a melee unit will never result in a counterattack, and vice-versa. If a ranged unit is giving you trouble, just rush it! Take note that while some Entrenched ranged units can attack next to them, none are able to counter-attack.

Progression and Maps

  • New Map: Cloud Citadel The Aliens are finally getting their own map. Battle it out atop sky-piercing towers when you hit 600 Starpower!
  • Riverfall Rise Adjusted locations of Extractors to better match distances on other maps.
  • Tweaked Progression
    • Cloud Citadel inserted between Glacier Gorge and Downtown Decay
    • Moved several cards around to accommodate for the new zone
    • Rescaled Starpower requirements for each zone

Rescaled Damage and Health

Several units have had their damage and health rescaled. At equivalent levels (level 5 Common, level 3 Rare, level 1 Epic), there are now three “tiers” of units. Units with a higher tier of attack can one-shot a unit of lower tier (assuming Armor/Evasion is removed). An overview of the new unit classifications follow, while detailed number changes can be found further down. 

Health Tiers

  • Low health
    • Grunt
    • Boomer
    • Overseer
    • Sapper (without Armor)
    • Saboteur (without Evasion)
    • Ranger
    • Motorbike
    • Scout
    • Jet
    • Cat-at-Arms
  • Medium health
    • Creeper
    • Heavy (without Armor)
    • Warden (without Armor)
    • Mastermind
    • Med-Bot
    • Longbow
    • Striker
    • Mortar
    • Chopper
  • High health
    • Everything else 

Damage Tiers

  • Medium damage (one-shots low health troops)
    • Boomer
    • Lancer
    • Sapper
    • Ranger
    • Cat-at-Arms
    • Light Tank
    • Striker
    • Super Tank
    • Skyfortress
  • High damage (one-shots low and medium health troops)
    • Saboteur
    • Jet
    • Gunship
    • Mothership 

Specific Changes 

The following are the specific changes made to place cards into each tier.

  • Light Tank
    • Damage increased by 10%
  • Striker
    • Health decreased by 17%
    • Damage increased by 10%
  • Super Tank
    • Damage increased by 10%
  • Mortar
    • Health decreased by 17%
  • Longbow
    • Health decreased by 11%
  • Gunship
    • Damage increased by 8%
  • Starshot
    • Damage increased by 13% 

Major Card Updates

  • Scout: The Scout finally gets a starring role! Although its health is lower, the new ability to scoop up bonus Gel makes it a very cost-effective troop!
    • New Scavenger Trait: picks up an additional +1 Gel when collecting a Gel Drop
    • Health reduced by 33%
  • Shuttle: Like the Scout, the Shuttle can also pick up bonus Gel now.
    • New Scavenger Trait: picks up an additional +1 Gel when collecting a Gel Drop
  • Abductor: Transport units have needed some love for a while. Decreased price and increased health should inject some relevance into the Abductor.
    • Health increased by 25%
    • Gel cost decreased from 8 to 7
  • Mothership: For its price, the Mothership didn’t quite fill the niche of a high-end brawler. Although it’s more expensive now, the Mothership’s improved damage and range make it a dominant force against weaker units, allowing it to threaten enemies across the map.
    • Gel cost increased from 10 to 13
    • Movement increased from 2 to 3
    • Range increased from [1,2] to [2,3]
    • Armor removed, Health increased by 71%
    • Damage increased by 17%
  • Saboteur: The Saboteur was underwhelming on release due to an inability to act before being countered. To address this, we’re improving his damage and range so that players can be more flexible with positioning him. Now, you can throw him in the center of a group of units, and even if he doesn’t get a shot off, he’ll at least serve as a cheap distraction. On some maps, he can even threaten two objectives at once!
    • Range increased from [1] to [1,2]
    • Damage increased by 17%
  • Boomer: Now that you can only deploy a single Boomer per turn, we can give him some more movement speed without worrying about his incredible stat efficiency. At the same time, we reduced his health, so now he’s a quite the glass bazooka.
    • Movement increased from 2 to 3
    • Range reduced from [1,2] to [2]
    • Health reduced by 20%
  • Chopper: With the Boomer’s increased mobility, the Chopper found its niche threatened. As a result, the Chopper also has increased mobility.
    • Movement increased from 3 to 4
    • Range reduced from [1,2] to [2]
  • Med-Bot: The Med-Bot’s heal was too weak to justify putting him in a deck. With a big increase, we’re hoping that he can fulfill the tactical fantasy of a combat medic.
    • Heal increased by 75%
  • Bomber: Given its price and fragility, the Bomber often wasn’t able to get within striking range before being taken out. Slightly higher movement speed and health should help you pull off some big plays.
    • Movement increased from 3 to 4
    • Health increased by 19%
  • Nemo: Nemo was doing too much damage for his utility.
    • Damage decreased by 50%
  • Kaiju: Kaiju’s attack pattern didn’t fit the standards set by other area damage units, so his stats were standardized to match.
    • Range increased from [2,3] to [1,2,3]
    • Movement increased from 2 to 3
    • Area damage pattern adjusted from 3x3 to standard adjacent tiles
  • Ash: Ash lacked a unique niche, making her somewhat of a Starshot clone. With these changes, she reinvents herself as a fast sieger, letting her reach objectives and burn them down quickly!
    • Ranged reduced from [2] to [1]
    • Movement increased from 3 to 4
    • Damage decreased by 29%
    • New Siege Trait: doubles damage against buildings
  • Siege Tank: Siege Tank was a bit underused, so we’re hoping this small buff can nudge him more towards viability.
    • Gel cost decreased from 7 to 6
  • Warp: Now that cards can only be used once per turn, we’re free to reduce Warp’s cost again, making it a bit easier to pull off surprise tactical plays.
    • Gel cost decreased from 6 to 5 

Advantageous Attack Highlights

To help you quickly determine what enemies you can attack without being counterattacked, or which units are particularly good against other units (e.g. salvo vs. armor, siege vs. building), we’re introducing Advantageous Attack highlights. When you select a unit, all eligible enemies within range will be outlined and pulse. Rules for the system follow:

  • Enemies that cannot counterattack you are highlighted.
    • If you have a ranged unit selected, melee enemies are highlighted.
    • If you have a melee unit selected, ranged enemies are highlighted.
    • Enemies you can destroy with one attack are highlighted.
    • Entrenched units are always highlighted.
  • Enemies that are weak to your trait are highlighted.
    • If you have a Siege unit selected, buildings are given the “SIEGE!” text.
    • If you have a Salvo unit selected, Armored enemies will have their Armor icons pulse.
    • If you have a Scavenger unit selected, Gel Drops will pulse. 

Improved AI

  • Tweaked AI to be more aggressive
  • AI has a better understanding of Salvo and Armor traits
  • AI will avoid being counterattacked when possible
  • Updated AI to take advantage of Gel drops 

Visuals & Sounds

  • Units that have already moved are now desaturated
  • Updated Salvo and Siege trait displays
  • Improved chest images
  • Improved sounds
  • Tweaked chest models
  • Updated several button icons