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Update 1.11.0 adds some new features and reinstates the leaderboards! Also, the Card Shop is now in business! Check out the details below and leave your thoughts in the comments section. 

Leaderboards, Season Rewards & Strikes!

Leaderboards are back with a vengeance! The Leaderboard displays the 100 highest Starpower players! At the end of each 4-week Season, players above 1600 Starpower are reset back down to 1600 and awarded a Season Chest that upgrades every 300 interval past 1600. 

Keep on the lookout for Strikes! These limited time leaderboard events can pop up at any time. Compete in a group of 100 randomly selected players to see who can muster the most wins during the limited duration. Stakes are high and prizes are big! 

Card Shop

Individual cards are now available to purchase using your hard-earned Bytecoins! Check back every day for a rotating selection of three new cards. Available cards are based on your current Starpower Tier. 

Daily Rewards


Log in and get rewarded! Each day you log in during a Season you can claim a bonus reward within the leaderboards window. Return each day during a Season to receive a big gift! 


Rewards and notices will now be accessible in the new Inbox tab under the News button. 


Zombie Creeper: Zombie Creepers are now able deploy into direct combat with an enemy troop, no matter where it is!

  • Global Deploy: Can deploy adjacent to an enemy troop, no matter where it is on the battlefield.
  • Gel cost increased from 3 to 4
  • Movement decreased from 4 to 2
  • Health increased by 30%
  • Damage decreased by 6%

Starshot: Starshot suffered from a lack of unique traits, making him one of the weaker SENSO choices. Now, he’s the only SENSO to have Salvo, allowing him to act as as a counter to the many Armored troops and SENSOs players encounter early on. Happy shooting!

  • New trait Salvo: Attacks fire twice

Ash: Ash wasn’t burninating quite hard enough for a Siege SENSO, so we’re gonna turn up the heat.

  • Ash’s Siege bonus damage increased by 33%

Ranger: Now that we’ve introduced the one-use-per-turn mechanic, it’s safe for the Ranger to try to reclaim her old glory again. The Ranger can now attack two tiles away from her.

  • Range increased from [3,4] to [2,3,4]

Jet: The Jet was too convenient of an objective-finisher, making it feel like there wasn’t enough counterplay to its capabilities, even if it could be easily destroyed the next turn. By increasing the cost to 8, it’ll require a bit of saving to use, so players can’t simply spawn a Jet every single turn.

  • Cost increased from 7 to 8

Shuttle: The new Scavenger trait provided a bit too much value for the price. Turns out Gel storage tanks don’t come cheap!

  • Cost increased from 3 to 4 

Achievement System Updates

  • Achievement Recap on battle results screen removed
  • Achievement Progress Tracker added so you can view your achievement progress within a battle in real time!
  • Updated several unit achievements - Some units will now require a different action to progress into the achievements. Don’t worry! Your achievements will be maintained even if the requirements were changed. 


Clockwise from top-left: SENSO, Common, Rare, and Epic rarity borders
  • Card rarity frames got a makeover!
  • Improved app loading times
  • Important unit traits are now all represented in the unit selection panel in-match
  • Improved visibility of attack preview indicators
  • Incomplete and unviewed puzzles are now badged
  • Updated Scout and Shuttle models
  • Added additional troop audio
  • Added loading music